the one guitars collection (2021)

"To put all thoughts and energy into one guitar by each of the three artists - this is the One Guitars Collection. The theme - one - makes it so vibrant because it could be everything but in the end it will be: one"

                           Ulrich Teuffel



Where last year’s collection used the color red as element linking the guitars presented at NAMM 2020 the change to a complete online event this year resulted in the group abandoning its original plans for the 2021 NAMM Show and re-conceptualizing their new collection.

For the Believe in Music Week we decided on each maker forging only ONE guitar — with no requirements or concepts to follow. We were all curious to see how this focus would influence the making of and outcome for each of us. We agreed that no one would see the other’s instruments until they were all ready. And still one can discover the mutual inspirations that happened through the ongoing communications as a group and individually about anything from our personal lives to planning of the presentation or deep philosophical discussions about life and guitars.

The result is an incredible and extraordinary threesome of guitars that are a deep reflection of the personality of their maker, their personal experiences of life with the pandemic and the friendships and stability resulting from banding together as a group.


"The One Guitar Collection meant creating only one guitar. But the life of each member of our group was impacted heavily by a personal tragedy in addition to the overall life altering experiences with the pandemic this past year. This caused ‘One’ to take on a very different meaning to me than I first developed when we decided on the theme. This new experience of ‘One’ is the link between us."

Ulrich Teuffel, 2020


the one guitar

by Adriano Sergio

The One Guitars Collection part 1

the one guitar

by Michael Spalt

The One Guitars Collection part 2

the one guitar

by Ulrich Teuffel

The One Guitars Collection part 3