"Projects of Three are what electric guitars have always been about; freedom to seek and express and experience with no limits. These are beautifully designed instruments wrapped in meticulous craft that point to the infinite possibilities electric guitars can be."

Pete Malinoski

The NAMM Show, June 3 - 5, 2022, Anaheim

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Projects of Three was initiated by renowned luthiers and close friends Adriano Sergio, Michael Spalt, and Ulrich Teuffel. Unified in their mission to push the boundaries of the traditional craft they obliterate the gap between musical instrument and art object to create iconic guitars. Mutual inspiration, artistic vision and superb artisanal skills are blending together in these fine instruments that never lose sight of their original purpose — to be played.



Objet d'art (French: [ɔb.jɛ d‿aʁ]; plural objets d'art) literally means "art object" (or work of art) in French, but in practice, the term has long been reserved in English to describe works of art that are not paintings, large or medium-sized sculptures, prints, or drawings. It therefore covers a wide range of works, usually three-dimensional, of high quality and finish in areas of the decorative arts."




In art history, there has always been a certain fascination with collections of artwork of a common theme.


Adriano, Michael and Ulrich decided to engage with a specific theme once a year, so creating a collection of very special guitars every year.

'the red collection', 2020




"Each of us worships the guitar not only as a tool but especially as a cultural object. We allow it to become as it could be. In doing so our roles are complementary.


I envy Adriano and Michael for how they are exploring their craft, while at the same time I have to do it in my own way. Accepting this gives me the the joy of always looking forward to see their newest creations.


To me it is such a exciting expectation to see how Michael reacts to our themes - his answers have always been like artful blue chips. To be surrounded by these objects is like coming home after a hard day.


Adriano is the protagonist of an education novel which I have the chance to read before it's being published. He is exploring his formal language so intensely and despite his life experience he still has the aura of an inquisitive child. To watch him how he evolves his Œuvre is utterly exciting.


These guitars are siren songs in the white noise of industrial guitars."

Ulrich Teuffel, 2020

'The One Guitar Collection', 2021


The core of the Projects of Three are the strong friendships in our group. Our work brings out our mutual friendships and makes us individually stronger. The acknowledgement about how these friendships shape my work and my personal life has helped me to weather the hard times I experienced in my life during the past year.

My sculptural work is very much inspired by feelings, by memories, so the presence of our group has enabled me to work without thinking too much, but rather to build while having the four of us in mind.

Adriano Sergio about Projects of Three


"Ulrich Teuffel (Germany) , Michael Spalt (Austria) and Adriano Sergio (Portugal)...three well known and respected luthiers that I have the privilege of knowing. When together, there is this great sharing of ideas amongst them, with each of them entering the discussion with great enthusiasm. They are friends and colleagues and you can see how much they respect each other’s work and opinions. I see in their instruments an adventurous spirit ,which is a true part of their nature. They build in different styles, but all three constantly establish new standards of excellence. It is who they are. To see how much of themselves each of them put into their work is truly inspiring. When I step back and watch people looking and examining the instruments..there is this look of fascination and then comes the grin or smile....they get it. When they actually play the guitars, then they feel the connection between the instrument and themselves which is what the builders are aiming for.  It is there because of how much of themselves the three luthiers place in their work.

All of them respect the comments from the guitarists who play their instruments.
There is no arrogance...there are no curt or abrupt comments. They care about what you have to say.  I have been able to spend time with each of these men and always feel better , with a renewed and refreshed spirit. Just as they bring out the best in each other,they bring out the best in me. There is part of a short poem by William Blake, which I think of when they show me their latest creations “ what immortal hand or eye can frame thy fearful symmetry .

I hope that soon you will be able to meet these three great luthiers and experience their amazing instruments."

Bob Gore, 2020





Projects of Three is a collaborative project by Adriano Sergio, Michael & Tania Spalt and Ulrich Teuffel.