the one guitars collection

"Projects of Three are what electric guitars have always been about; freedom to seek and express and experience with no limits. These are beautifully designed instruments wrapped in meticulous craft that point to the infinite possibilities electric guitars can be."

Pete Malinoski


Projects of Three was initiated by renowned luthiers and close friends Adriano Sergio, Michael Spalt, and Ulrich Teuffel. Approaching the guitar from three very different angles they share the goal of creating unique instruments, which clearly straddle the gap between the guitar as usable instrument on one side and being an objet d’art on the other.


"To put all thoughts and energy into one guitar by each of the three artists - this is the One Guitars Collection. The theme - one - makes it so vibrant because it could be everything but in the end it will be: one"

Ulrich Teuffel


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