the red collection




For their first appearance as a group at NAMM 2020 they decided on the color Red as common element for the guitars presented.

Red is likely the color with the most meanings - blood, rage, love, danger, heat, attention, fire, speed... Red is a charged color, emotional and powerful. It demands attention, and it is strong enough to form a unifying principle for a collection of instruments reflecting the very different approach each takes in his work towards the idea, the concept 'guitar'.


What unites the three is that they see the instrument 'guitar' as possibility, as starting point to an exploration. The guitar is unique in its ability to assume almost infinite forms. Interpretations of the idea of what a 'guitar' is, how it functions and how it is used, open a window deep into the cultural and psychological landscape of the relationship between us and music and the meaning thereof. A historical journey through the countless instrumental variations created over the past few hundred years reveals a path littered with archetypes, experiments, icons, and the detritus of the constant a search for what else can be found on the road to try and create the perfect 'guitar'. Of course there is no such thing. It remains incomplete, personal, intensely idiosyncratic.


"My inspiration for the red theme of the collection is the awareness that humanity and the planet are walking towards the red line, the point of no return. I hope the GREEN collection comes soon."

 Adriano Sergio, 2019


visiting 'the red collection'

"The Red Collection at NAMM 2020, presented by the Projects of Three, was an outstanding demonstration of how a single charter can provide individual results.  The three masters, Adriano Sergio, Michael Spalt  and Ulrich Teuffel, displayed their repespective pieces with a theme of RED.

Abstract art is extremely complex in its simplicity.  Simple enough, but those that attempt to create based on a theme, know the difficulties of creating a solid statement without confusion.  Direct communication and impact.  The pieces displayed are very unique and also very cohesive as a unit.  Each sole piece spoke volumes of its purpose and its story.  Creating a depth of desire to delve more deeply into its nature.  To touch and play and discover.  This is the true beauty of this collection.  While each piece is visually stunning and the craftsmanship beyond reproach, they are still functioning instruments with impeccable playability and setup.  The rule of each master is that no matter the visual impact, the instrument needs to be touched and played with the same adoration.  The beauty of each instrument is that while it creates a beautiful display, it also draws you in to pick up and play.  Well accomplished!

The beauty of The Red Collection is that you can meander through the displays, touch, explore and also learn of each pieces story directly from its creator.  Getting to know the mind behind the instrument is as telling as knowing more about the artist that has created your favorite melody that swims in your head.

A visit to the Red Collection leaves you with much more than anticipated.  What appears as a well displayed art display turns into an enriching tactile and musical experience.  All with the benefit as well that you have the opportunity to purchase an instrument.  If it hasn’t already been sold!"


Lou, 2020