the ONE guitar by Ulrich Teuffel / The One Guitars Collection part 3


Ulrich describes the double set of tone bars on his ONE guitar as ‘Autumn’ and ‘Spring’ or as the ‘pessimistic’ and ‘optimistic’. Having witnessed and experienced big life changes, personal losses and struggles during the past year he said that all of it influenced him in his design process.


For Ulrich Po3 has presented the opportunity to step out of his comfort zone of his usual unusual production models. Even though a Birdfish model by design this guitar is very different and one-of-a-kind.



Ulrich is allowing himself a new playfulness and is experimenting with new or re-discovered techniques and media. For the first time in over 30 years Ulrich picked up the paintbrush to hand-decorate the tone bars in ways not seen before, and perhaps to not be seen again... Bravely forging ahead with an acid wash the nickel parts usually polished to great shine were changed.



‘Not relic-ed but really like a forgotten guitar’ says Ulrich about the nickel parts that now have an outstanding coloring with blues and golds.



This superb guitar remains true to his style in its clear and clean lines. Beyond that, the two sets of tone bars have a unique beauty and great visual appeal, painted with a leaf-like pattern. The ‘Autumn’ set impresses with amber-like depth and beautiful coloring, the painted and lacquered tone bars look  like fallen leaves were enclosed in glass. The ‘Spring’ set reminds of a walk through a spring wood (Michael called it ‘Spring in Central Park’) with its healthy, crisp green and yellow coloring.



It certainly is another masterpiece by this gifted designer and guitarmaker.


Ulrich says that he really enjoyed the process and that he already has ideas on how to continue this different direction in his work. We remain very curious to see where it will lead him and look forward to new creations for Po3!


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